Lincolnshire workplace health and wellbeing conference is back this year with an online version, we will be covering a range of topics reflective of the current global situation and the changing face of the workplace.

About This Years Conference 

In response to the global pandemic, we’ve made the decision to run an online conference this year. We want to continue the conversation around workplace (or working from home) health and wellbeing.

As the events of this year have highlighted the health and wellbeing of individuals is key in sustaining a strong organisation.

With the changes in the way we now all live and work, ensuring your employees are healthy and happy is key.

This year’s conference will cover topics that reflect the current situation and how best to navigate through these unprecedented times when it comes to workplace health and wellbeing.

As employers, we have a responsibility to keep our staff well under The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and from extensive research completed, we know that good work is good health.

We believe that healthy people = happy people = productive people!

Expert Speakers

We are bringing together a range of experts in the field to give you ideas to take away and implement into your business straight away.

Our Expert Speakers

John Armitage

John Armitage is a wellbeing consultant and therapist, specialising in helping organisations improve psychological and physical health.

His work focuses on simple, practical attitudes and actions that can be incorporated into daily life to motivate and sustain us through challenge and change.

Current projects include development of mental health and wellbeing strategies in the HE sector and devising and delivering mindfulness-based resilience courses and programmes for public and private sector businesses.

He also has a private therapy practice, based in Lincoln.

Talk title: The Power of Attention – using mindfulness to stay well and get more done

Sara Scott

With 25 years’ experience in brand-building and marketing, Sara regularly conducts research and insights programmes for businesses wanting to improve their communications to customers and to their internal audiences.

In 2019, having completed extensive training in psychotherapy and creatively facilitating individuals in processes to further personal and professional goals, Sara set up Life and Soul Goals – a workshop and retreat business with the emphasis on personal wellbeing.

Talk title: The New Normal – the changing role of wellbeing at work

Jess Beckwith

Jess Beckwith is a Certified DSE Assessor and Remote Ergonomics Assessment Specialist at Delta-Simons. She has a wealth of experience providing ergonomics advice to employees in a range of settings, including office, retail and lab.

Jess has a particular interest in providing creative, low cost solutions to improving comfort – such as using everyday items to improve workstation set up, and behavioural advice to instil good ergonomic habits. This is particularly relevant at the moment with many office workers currently working from home.

Talk title: Are you sitting comfortably? How to improve your workstation to stay comfortable whilst working from home

Rachel Linstead 

Rachel Linstead founder of Firecracker has been working with organisations for over 12 years to help them see the value in creating happy, healthy employees. With a masters in Workplace health and wellbeing and a qualified nutritionist, she has all the tools and knowledge needed to help employees perform at their best.

As well as using her wheel of wellbeing, culture and performance to show how different areas of business are interlinked and how they impact on employees wellbeing.

Talk title: We don’t have health without mental health, proactively managing your own and looking out for others too.

Our Agenda

  • 09:15 – Waiting room opens
  • 09:30 – Meeting starts, housekeep & Agenda
  • 09:40 – Sara Scott – The New Normal – the changing role of wellbeing at work
  • 10:00 – John Armitage – The Power of Attention – using mindfulness to stay well and get more done
  • 10:20 – Break/Discussion
  • 10:30 – Emma Tatlow – Active Lincolnshire – Benefits of physical activity on wellbeing
  • 10:50 – Rachel Linstead – Mental health awareness and survey results
  • 11:10 – Break/Discussion
  • 11:20 – Jess Beckwith – Are you sitting comfortably? How to improve your workstation to stay comfortable whilst working from home
  • 11:40 – Open Forum/Panel Discussion/Questions
  • 12:00 – Meeting Finishes

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